Road Tripping in California: Greyhound and Sundog

It’s not about how you travel but what you discover while traveling.

Q: Would you rather fly in a plane for an hour or ride a bus for nine?

I’d pick the plane in a heartbeat. The shorter the traveling time, the longer the touring time. With that said, I’d rather have swollen feet from touring around than to have a numb butt from sitting in the bus for hours.

My dad thought it would be a good idea for us to try riding THE GREYHOUND BUS from Los Angeles to San Francisco just for the experience so my parents booked roundtrip tickets. My thoughts? 18 hours in the bus—OH, GREAT.

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the 9-hour bus ride going to San Francisco! It really was something worth trying at least once—that, or bring your car and go on a road trip!

While most people snoozed the whole trip, I kept my eyes wide open for the entire ride because:

1. We are a family of 5 and I was the odd one out in the pairing system. I didn’t have a seat mate and I did not want to have one so I  let my bag sit comfortably beside me and I had to make sure that it stayed beside me. (Yes, yes. I selfishly wanted the space and comfort too.)

2. There was free and fast WIFI and electrical sockets per seat! It’s always a good idea to connect with family and friends back home.

3. The views were breathtaking! From city buildings to fields to golden mountains to snow-capped  mountains to orchards to windmills and to so much more! Aah, too beautiful!

LA to SF

LA to SF

LA to SF

LA to SF

4. Have you ever seen a SUNDOG / 22-DEGREE HALO / SUN HALO?

Imagine this: A rainbow ring around the sun! Not only that — It had 2 more rainbows beside it, one on each side! I’ve seen double rainbows before but this was a triple threat!

This natural phenomenon happens when the sunlight passes through the ice crystals in the cirrus clouds, the crystals bend the direct sunlight at 22 degrees and the magical rainbow ring forms around the sun a.k.a. the sun halo.

Can’t quite imagine it? Well, here you go!

Roadtrip from LA to SF

5. I made my first TRAVEL FILM using my iPhone 4 and edited it on the spot using the iMovie app. I finished it just as soon as we arrived in San Francisco. –this is what really kept me up for the most part.

Using the 8 extra bus hours touring around the city would’ve been ideal, yes. Do I regret The Greyhound experience? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That was, by far, the best road trip I’ve ever had!

Did we ride Greyhound again from San Francisco going back to Los Angeles? ABSOLUTELY…NOT!

Once was enough for that route and scenery. We decided to ride a plane going back…and this time, I was K.O.!

I’m no fan of being in transit for too long because aside from the fact that it does get boring, I’m always excited to start exploring but this road trip was already an exploration in itself and all I had to do was look outside my window! It went beyond my expectations and it made my California experience so much richer. Not only did I see for the first time a natural phenomenon such as the Sundog but I also started seeing road trips in a whole new light!

The next time you go on a road trip, bask in the beauty of whatever surrounds you. Appreciate it, every single moment. If you’re in it for the experience, it will always be worth it and you will always find new stories to tell those who snoozed and missed out! Who knows, Momma Nature just might throw in a little surprise for you too! Keep your eyes open!