Coron, Palawan: A Jam-packed Weekend Itinerary

I always said that I will only go to Coron, Palawan with the love of my life—and I meant it! That also meant, turning down friends’ offers through the years to wait oh so patiently for my future man to finally sweep me off my feet and take me to the beach. I missed out, you guys.

I’ve always known and heard of Palawan’s gorgeous rock formations and how awe-inspiring it is being surrounded by it…trust me, I also wanted it so bad! SO, I went to Phuket, Thailand with my best friend, Karla, because they say it is the closest thing (stubborn, I know) and we needed a BFF trip.

But when my entire family planned a trip to Coron, I couldn’t not go… I tried to suggest other places but all I got was, “Sige, maiwan ka” (Okay, we’ll just leave you). Uhm, No. So I packed my bags and whispered to the wind, I’m sorry future love, I’m heading to Coron—NOT SORRY!


Having only a weekend to spare, we divided the tours into three and tried to see as many islands as we can.



Talk about an introduction! We started our island tour in the most beautiful beach in Coron, Malcapuya Island. Powdery white sand, crystal clear blue water, and fresh coconuts on hand—Coron, we are off to a great start!

With cousins, Andrea, Kevin, Aya, and Bea

Many would think of Boracay right away to compare but other than the white sand and the influx of tourists, Malcapuya one-ups Boracay with the quiet and chill vibe, crystal clear water, and corals perfect for snorkelling—heck, Coron is a diving haven! Trust me, it gets better!



By lunch time, we were brought to Banana Island for a seafood buffet arranged by our tour! Having more time to relax, some of my relatives went in for a cool high-noon dip and post-meal snorkel in the—you guessed it—crystal clear blue water.

Mum, Tita Bibi, and Tita Biva

As for me, a few swings and a cottage chill was enough to enjoy the island until we were called for the next beach hop!



Three things make Bulog Dos stand out—the picturesque mini rock formations paired with the soft crashing waves for that dramatic beach photo flair, my dream resort in Coron, Two Seasons Island Resort, just a few steps away, and a sandbar that connects both islands.

Mum and Dad way up!


My favorite tour. I mean, Coron was breathtaking at daylight but nothing prepared me for what I was about to see in pure darkness—and I apologise if I don’t have much photos to show from this tour. It really was THAT dark!

7 PM. From the port, we rode a speedboat going to a floating restaurant for dinner. We were then given a choice if we wanted to ride a small boat or a kayak—Kayak, of course! I shared it with my cousin, Andrea, and our tour guide, Carl, who would be the blindly rowing us around the mangroves. No flashlights. No noise. Pure nature.

En route to the mangroves, Carl started tapping the kayak hard with his feet! With enough vibration in the water, the ocean started glowing blue—MY GOSH!!! We were cruising along Bioluminescent Planktons!! I’ve always dreamed of experiencing it and immediately, I fell in love with Coron at night and we haven’t even seen the fireflies yet!

Of course, in complete darkness, Andrea and I couldn’t really tell where we were exactly until suddenly, yellow dots started sparkling. Carl brought us to the fireflies and it was just like Christmas lights blinking in darkness. He caught two and placed a firefly in each of our hands to just let it crawl until it flew away.

BUT the most magical thing happened. We were floating still and Carl started banging continuously on our kayak like drums, creating as much vibration as he can. WOW. JUST WOW. Below us, a sea of glowing blue dots, in front of us, a stretch of yellow dots, and above us, a clear sky full of stars. We were in total darkness and completely surrounded by sparkling blues, yellows, and whites all around. REALLY. I’ve never seen anything as beautiful in darkness. 

I promise, that’s a firefly. hehe.



Siete Pecados translates to “Seven Sins” and legend has it, seven sisters swam against their mother’s will and drowned hence the seven islets standing side by side. Depressing story but it’ll go away in an instant as soon as you set eyes on this beauty! And don’t worry, there’s more than enough life vests to keep you afloat—and yes, you are required to wear them at all times when in the water. Best thing to do here? Snorkel!


This feels like Coron’s best-kept secret now revealed. Hidden in the limestone cliffs, you wouldn’t guess that you’d soon be seeing one of Coron’s seven enchanting lakes, the Kayangan Lake.

Pain is beauty, as they say…and rightfully so. The pain comes in the 15-minute staircase climb—stairs so steep it’ll make your calves cry. A pain so well worth it when you finally see the beauty of the lake. Water so transparent, I swear it looks like a whole new world underwater as the rock formation continues on so clearly until 10-meters down! Plenty of needle fishes welcome you to join in the water so join, we did!


The lake is said to be 70% fresh water and 30% salt water and I say the view is just 100%!

In a small corner of the cliff, there’s an entrance to a cave should you need a little hideaway to chill. This lake does get crowded!


Ready for lunch, we headed out to a tiny beach with an elevated hut beside it. We only stayed here for the buffet and for a quick dip.


One thing you should know about Coron is that it’s also home to numerous Japanese shipwrecks from World War 2—Yet another reason to snorkel and dive! Docked in the middle of the water, we jumped out and started swimming. You can actually see a ship wreck just by snorkelling!


Our last stop for this trip has yet another secret ready to be revealed. We sailed around Limestone Island and it’s exactly what it is—limestone cliffs enveloping you and smaller limestone islands hiding you from the open sea and luring you to another Coron Marvel, the Twin Lagoon.


Docked in the first lagoon, we were parked side by side other boats and jet skis. Coron’s clear water has been consistent all throughout however, we noticed a lot of oil residue in the water already and we just had to swim away from it. As we swam near a wall of karst, we were told by our tour guide to grab on someone’s ankles, lay back, and form a line to which he called, The Centipede. He was about to pull us through a small hole under the wall going to the inner lagoon, the twin.

In the outer lagoon
Doing the Centipede!

There are two ways to cross the wall—swim under the wall’s hole (only in low tide) or climb up the ladder. The inner lagoon is more enchanting than the outer only because there are no motor boats that take up space, only kayaks gliding through the water and us enjoying our late afternoon swim.

Talia and I doing… whatever this is.
Tito Peter, Tita Biva, Tita Bibi in the inner lagoon

And that’s how we wrapped up our Coron Weekend!

It’s a handful of tours for a weekend but I promise you, every single island was worth it. If you could stay longer, please do. There are still more islands to explore—meaning, another reason for me to go back and hopefully, with fingers and toes crossed, I do get to finally go with the love of my life…. Where are you na ba kasi? LOL, I’m kidding!

In all fairness, I did go with the loves of my life and Coron is more magical than I ever EVER imagined. This tops my favorite places in The Philippines for sure… so far.