How to Become a MERMAID in Your Own Pool

“Look at them, Mermaids are for real!”

The father said to his daughter as two beautiful mermaids, one with a shimmering blue tail and one with green, swam across them in the big and not-so-deep clubhouse swimming pool.


All eyes on the fantasy world brought to life in that pool as mermaids started swimming with everyone else. Of course, those mermaids would be us and our little mermaid friends—my nieces.

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It’s Zoe’s 9th birthday and Koko, the mother mermaid, states, “All girls turn into a mermaid when we turn 9!” It’s Zoe’s mermaid debut and this water baby is now a water lady!

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.04.03 PM

Koko hired professional mermaids to teach us how to swim with a monofin—or “mermaiding”, to make it sound prettier.

The mermaid tail is a stretch fabric with a monofin in the end. The fabric stretches all the way up to your waist and if you’re conscious about the fit, no worries! It stretches wide enough and smoothly to still give you that perfect mermaid silhouette!

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.12.12 PM

The professional mermaids then teach you how to swim properly with the tail. You don’t really use your legs to propel you forward—it has much to do with your core muscles. Think, bellydancing underwater.

It takes a while to get used to swimming with a tail on but the more you swim, the more you gain confidence under water and eventually, it just becomes pure fun (slash workout).

What’s best about this activity is that you can try this in the comfort of your own swimming pool if you have one at home or invite the mermaids to your very own swimming party, like what Zoe did.

And if you’re really serious about becoming a mermaid, The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy holds classes in Boracay Island, Manila, and Cebu. If you ask me, I’d definitely love to try this again in Boracay while scuba diving! And that’s taking the experience to a whole new level—or should I say, a whole new world? (Oops, wrong Disney movie)


When in Manila, here are the locations and rates of their Intro to Mermaiding:


Makati Sports Club

Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

Classes are from 3 – 5 PM on Saturdays and Sundays

Quezon City

23 Pines St. Congressional Avenue Extension


The Village Clubhouse

Nomads Sports Club

OR you can invite them over to your own pool!

For bookings and inquiry, contact: +63 917 84 52752 or +63 922 84 52752


Get your fins on, turn your childhood fantasy into a reality, and shimmer your way underwater!

How’s this for a weekend staycation?