Indoor Skydiving at iFLY, Singapore

“Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.” – Amelia Earhart 

We’ve all dreamed of flying–or at least have thought of it.

I thought I could if I kept on trying when I was young but there’s no escaping gravity–not in this planet. I jumped off countless tables, chairs, and beds (sometimes with a blanket wrapped around my neck) in hopes that I discover certain powers (Yes, with the influence of cartoons) and maybe make my parents proud (nope, they weren’t proud of my attempts). As a consolation, I did get some flying moments… in my dreams.

Well, It’s a dream no more!


While traveling in Sentosa, Singapore, I saw iFLY and I just had to try it.


For around SG$ 79-99 (adult rate, depending on the time you book your flight–normal, off-peak, or super off-peak), you get to experience indoor skydiving that feels like you’re falling from 12,000 to 3,000 feet through the air via a wind tunnel that is almost 5 storeys high–it’s also the world’s largest wind tunnel! I found it quite pricey though for 2 skydives that lasts for 45 seconds per flight but if you’re in it for the experience, then I say it is all worth it! If, however, you feel that 2 skydives won’t be enough, you can add another SG$30 for an additional flight–that, or go for The Adventure rate that costs around SG$ 135-175 for 4 skydives.


I got The Challenge flight (with 2 skydives) and with me were around ten more people around 7 years old to 45 (wild guess)–Point is, anyone from 7 to 99 can fly! The flights are scheduled so I booked mine shortly after lunch just to have enough time for brunch since we were all required to be there 1 hour before flight for the training.

During the training, an iFLY instructor taught us the proper flying position and a few tips and tricks too! Some tips given were (1) the head should always be kept up, (2) the arms are held at a certain position and to turn, you just have to twist your hands either to the left or to the right, and (3) Relax. I adored our instructor. Not only was he entertaining and friendly, but he also gave us a flying show after all of our turns–one word: WOW! He also guided us all throughout each flight to make sure that we get the maximum experience–in short, to fly right.

It took me a while to get the hang of it. The winds were too strong that it was hard to hold the flying position and to control my arms and legs. I flipped over and fell on the net one time and the instructor kept on telling me to relax–he thought I flipped over because I panicked, I thought I flipped over because I was laughing at myself, but the real evidence (the video) showed that I fell because he pulled my hand when I was going too high–my funny thoughts probably brought me higher.. how Peter Pan-ish! My second flight was a big improvement and thankfully, that’s what my mum captured on my GoPro camera.


The package came with a certificate, a DVD video of the entire flight, and one printed photo from a selection taken during your flight and boy, did it take a while for me to choose my photo! No amount of make up and angles could have saved my face in the photos during my flight but just to give you an idea of how I looked like, it was something like this:

Screenshot from Google Images: "face in the wind"
Screenshot from Google Images: “face in the wind”

Here’s the video of my second flight in iFLY, Singapore. Oh and if you’re wondering about the cheesy song choice, no, we didn’t fall in love during the flight (despite the hand holding and back grabbing moments)–he was just too busy correcting my flying position– but that song was really playing during my flight because iFLY knows how to create romantic moments too. 

The feeling of flying?

It was liberating not to have anything cling on to you while flying. It feels good to be able to control your own movement and it feels better every time you get the flying position right and you go higher and higher and higher! –until the instructor pulls you down to a certain flying level. 45 seconds doesn’t seem so short when you’re in the moment. The slightest movement can affect your flight so be mindful of every single part of your body. If you’re afraid of heights, it won’t matter since you can’t look down anyway.

It’s hard to fly. Amelia E. was right… it will not be all plain sailing (especially on your first two tries) but the adrenaline rush will indeed be worth it! You can only fly when you fall and the best part of flying is that it doesn’t feel like falling at all! Indoor Sky diving draws a distinction between flying and falling through the art of movement. For a moment (as cliche as it sounds, but true), you will feel one with the wind and you will be as light as a feather.