LA JOLLA, San Diego: Sunkissed Seals & Soledad

San Diego easily became one of the most beautiful places I have been to so far. The April weather was perfect, the streets were clean and safe to wander around, and it’s packed with daytime activities from swimming/snorkeling/diving to seal watching to (wishful thinking) house hunting to landmark spotting–all those just to name a few!

Unfortunately, my family and I only went there for a day trip and we can only squeeze in so much in our itinerary.

Our first stop was LA JOLLA and first on our checklist, EAT.

I know, I know. Why come all the way to this side of the world to eat Asian food? Well, why not? Japanese cuisine is one of my favorites and this, my friends, did not disappoint! The sushi was fresh and delicious and perhaps what I loved more than the sushi was the view! See the first photo? That was the view from our table in the restaurant’s patio area. You can find Sushi on the Rock II at 7734 Prospect St., La Jolla, San Diego, CA 92037. 

And of course, there’s always room for dessert! Gelateria Frizzante is just a few hops and a leap away from Sushi on the Rock. YUM!

Enough of the food, this is where LA JOLLA becomes more interesting!

La Jolla is a beach lover’s paradise, being surrounded on three sides by ocean beaches and bluffs. It is also one of the most expensive places to live in the US. There are plenty of water activities you can do here from swimming to snorkeling to scuba diving. We did not bring our swimsuits with us though so by default, this day trip was for Rest & Relaxation.

San Diego, CA

Ain’t it a beauty? If you’re looking to have some well-deserved R&R and/or some good meditation, then this is your spot! Birds above you, flowers around you, ocean below you–you can’t go wrong with this one!

Oh, and if you’re meaning to meet new local friends, La Jolla Beach has a shore-full of lounging and sun-bathing seals!

Don’t get too friendly though. It is advisable to stay at least 50 feet from all seals–not only are they shy but it is also illegal (under the Federal Marine Mammal Protection Act) to disturb the seals’ natural behaviour especially during pupping season. La Jolla, however, is considerate enough to give you the best view of these seals from the sidewalk, the wall, and the landing above Casa Beach. Friendship from a distance. Fair enough, right?

As I was walking on the wall to get a better view of the seals, an odd smell started to fill the air. It was a rotting smell that was very hard to tolerate but I went on. A few steps further and I saw the culprit–a dead (and rotting) seal being eaten by birds. Circle of life, I guess.

What bothered me more than the smell was the fact that obviously it had been dead for days already and it was creating an unhygienic environment for everyone–seals included. I’m not sure how the system works here with regard to dead animals and why they’re not removing the carcass but my best guess here is that the birds need to eat!

These seals are sure hits to travellers like me but to some of the local citizens, they are a nuisance. There’s an ongoing case to drive away the seals from the beaches and to restore the beach as a swimming area for children. So far as of April 2013, seals – 1.

Driving around La Jolla, we spotted so many big and beautiful casas–and yes, we played dibs on some of the houses there as future home pegs! I’d show you ‘my house’ but it may not be proper to post it here…Another time!

Our next stop was Mount Soledad and standing on its mountaintop is a 29-foot tall white cross.

The Mount Soledad Cross was initially meant to be a religious symbol but it became controversial when an issue regarding the Separation of Church and State Law was brought into light. It was then repurposed as the Mount Soledad Veterans War Memorial—-they surrounded the cross with names of US veterans to honour them for their services to the country. Clever.

  At this point, I was already convinced of the beauty of San Diego but still, it wasn’t enough! We needed to see the rest of the picture–at least whatever we could fit in that day. Hence, we were off to our next San Diego hotspot.

Oh yes, there’s more!