Getting Lost in Osaka, Japan


The land of the rising sun is as glorious as when sun sets

half day of clarity, half day of silhouettes

and as dusk breaks, the city lights start sparkling

Storeys high, an illuminated skyline, an awakening


A stream of curiosity and a surge of adventure

What stories do the Osaka streets tell?

I wandered alone, stripped off of ways to find my way back

Lost in the unknown, only instinct led my track


lights and lines, city patterns and city signs

There’s just as much life as when sun shines

roam, splurge, consume and be consumed

Neon lights shine brighter than moonlight

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Unfamiliar faces and unknown scribbles

body language is the common language

I am but a silhouette, a movement on the pavement

no certain destination, no clue on location


Roamed with my thoughts alone and city beats

Weekend warriors soon set foot on intoxicated streets

Wild imagination, Paranoia’s invitation

Lost and disconnected, desperate to be comforted

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I hailed a cab, I played charades

My actions were as foreign as I am

I took it as a sign–walk on and don’t let thoughts taint reality

Don’t quit adventure, Don’t suppress curiosity


I saw the city in a whole new light

True beauty shone bright with clear thoughts and a new sight

Only with open minds will true appreciation rise

I discovered a new level of comfort, I was no longer a stranger in the night


Familiar structures, a memory recall

I’ve viewed the city enough from my window, dusk and dawn

I knew I’ve seen those buildings, those landmarks, those patterns

Slowly i found myself being guided back, past left and right turns

Hours wandering, bittersweet ending

A part of me didn’t want the thrill of being lost to end

This escapade introduced me to a new way of traveling

of stepping out of comfort zones and solo wandering


Lights go dim as the moon rises further into the night

worn out adrenaline, a moment for settling

Tonight left new cravings, a hunger for more quests

As days like chapters close, tomorrow tells of  new stories of sunrise and sunsets.