Manila Pixels

I have to admit, my mind has been wandering all over the world and has been taking my body with it one destination at a time that I somehow have left behind my home, Manila.

I wanted my first travel post to be about my motherland, Manila, Philippines and after hours of scavenging through photo folders, iPhoto, and my trusty hard drive, I came to realize that I actually have no photos of Manila except for one!


Kalesa in Manila Bay

Kalesa at Manila Bay

The Kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) is one of the symbols of the Philippine culture. It was a mode of transportation introduced by the Spaniards in the 18th century, once upon a time when they colonized the country. Kalesas nowadays are seen more often in tourist spots and around Manila Bay–Might as well give a little FYI, right?

This, however, is only a pixel of Manila’s BIG picture and what I promise to share with you are all the other pixels that will stitch together a beautiful image of Manila in your mind and hopefully you get to see and breathe in all of that too!

Truth be told, to realize how little of my birthplace I have in my files is quite disappointing. I have thousands of personal photos IN Manila but not OF Manila! I longed so much to experience what other places could offer that I failed to appreciate what Manila has been giving me ever since–My firsts, the people who inspire me the most a.k.a. my friends and family, the colorful nightlife, the different personalities of each city, the old structures that beautifully co-exist/blend with the modern, a rich history, and most importantly, a home.

As my Kalesa photo represents just a pixel of Manila, Manila is also just a pixel of the world–a pixel that I know like the back of my hand! There’s so much more to see in Manila (this I promise you) and I cannot wait to show you what my city has to offer, one Manila pixel at a time.