How To Enjoy Nature Parkour Style at Ninja Academy

The whole world is a playground in the eyes of a kid. At 6 years old, I believed I was invincible despite all the wounds and scars I have collected from jumping, rolling, and cartwheeling from steps and high platforms in school during recess or while waiting for the school bus. I loved the thrill of being able to move freely and not be threatened by mortality, because in the eyes of a kid, we live forever.

I was that kid you’d see climbing trees, jumping from wall to wall, and doing all other things that parents would sweat buckets worrying about. As far as my mum knew, I only climbed trees and chased dragonflies. Somewhere along the way, fear grew in me and what I used to call fun became a thing of the past.

It wasn’t until I started exploring and enjoying nature that I remembered how it felt like to be carefree and adventurous. Of course I also had moments when it would take me half an hour to jump off a cliff or have second thoughts on some hikes. Nature was intimidating and it shouldn’t be because once upon a time it certainly wasn’t!

“The struggle is real,” I’d always say then. I knew that one should have a certain level of training when traversing some nature spots whether it be a mountain or a cave. One day, I came across a class offering parkour lessons and just for the fun of it, I signed up — little did I know that it would enhance the way I see traveling.


Doing parkour at Ninja Academy brought back so many familiar feelings while going through the obstacles set up for that session. The courage, the confidence, and enough trust in myself to just do it. Though still a bit held back by the fear of falling and hurting myself, it kept reintroducing that little Sam that once was. Parkour took away fear and excuses and overpowered it with strategies and comfort in playing.

The only difference with how I used to play and how Ninja Academy encourages to play is that with parkour, safety is of high importance hence, proper movement and discipline are taught for the same fun. Conveniently, Ninja Academy is currently the only parkour gym in the Philippines with complete and safe facilities — think, your training ground before you set out and play in the open.


Their Gauntlet class starts with circuit training, followed by an obstacle course that changes every session. The coaches will train you how to run, jump, roll, climb, and swing while keeping a fun and light environment. They will train you like a ninja – silent, strong, and daring. Silent enough to breeze through the course in stealth mode, strong enough to use only your body to accomplish obstacles, and daring enough to push yourself to the limit and face your fears.

After a few sessions, my upper body strength improved from all the pull-ups, monkey bars, and pole swings to point B. I was less afraid of jumping off high platforms because precision jumps allowed us to land sturdily. Blessed I am for having long legs that sometimes I didn’t need to jump because reaching for it made more sense to me — shorter friends cried out “unfair!” but hey, it’s strategy.


Ninja Academy really does prepare you physically and mentally for the biggest playground – the world. You are taught moves on how to use specific parts of the body to maneuver your way around. It wasn’t until my next few hikes with friends that I realized how much parkour has improved my movements. If I needed to climb or jump off a big rock, I’d do it with ease and without hesitation. Hiking guides have complimented us too that our pacing was faster than the usual hikers.

Parkour is a whole new way of seeing, enjoying, and appreciating every element surrounding you.  What once challenged you will now excite you because you already know how to get through that obstacle, complete with strategies. Call yourself a Ninja, Tarzan, or a flying squirrel; you know that your newfound skills are worth bragging about. The techniques are in the precise movements and the can-do mindset!

Of course, I still have much to learn about parkour tricks, but these little improvements are really encouraging and inspiring. I do not intend to be a professional parkour athlete, or traceurs as they call it, but Ninja Academy lets you into the secrets of movement which are also necessary for various activities, in my case, traveling. What used to be a thing of the past has become a reality once again — Sam and the big wide world as her playground.




    • #155 Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Pasig City, PH
    • RATES
      • GAUNTLET CLASS Walk-In Rate — Php 350/session
      • PERSONAL COACHING Walk-In Rate — Php 600/session
      • MONTHLY Membership — Php 2,500/month
      • ANNUAL Membership — Php 2,300/month
      • 10 SESSION PASS — Php 3,150

    • Warehouse 2 BNM7210 Group Corporation,
      Manila Doctors Village Road, Las Pinas, PH
    • RATES
      • GAUNTLET CLASS Walk-In Rate — Php 400/session
      • PERSONAL COACHING Walk-In Rate — Php 750/session
      • MONTHLY Membership — Php 3,000/month
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  • Mondays to Fridays / 1 PM to 9PM
  • Saturdays / 10AM to 9PM
  • Sundays / 10AM to 5PM