Shooting Arrows in Sagittarium Archery, Manila

A weapon fit for hunters, warriors, English royals, and Greek gods is now in your hands. Breathe easy, focus, and let go — Welcome to the world of ARCHERY!

Sounds cool when I put it that way though I have to admit, there’s something so intense and sophisticated about shooting an arrow. Perhaps it’s the fact that you’re holding a deadly weapon and yet here you are, calm and poised, letting the string fall out of your fingers and sending the arrow 300 feet per second to your target. HIT!!



introduced one of the oldest sports in the world to me and my two friends, Rian and Danny.


Located on the 4th floor of the A&A Building in Scout Borromeo, Quezon City, this 260 square meter indoor archery range has 11 lanes and shooting distances that range from 5 meters to 18 meters.

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Sagittarium’s co-owner, MARC LAW, walked us through the whole archery process and guided us in the whole experience.


First up, the range rules.

There’s a big board in the entrance that states all the rules but Marc stressed on the most important rule: SAFETY.

Never fire a bow without an arrow, only point your arrow on the target face, and never cross the shooting line without the proper whistle commands — just a few rules we had to engrave in our minds and so we did.


There are FOUR WHISTLE COMMANDS in archery:

2 Blasts — Go to the shooting line

1 Blast — Load arrow and shoot

3 Blasts —Hang your bow and retrieve your arrows from the target face

4 or more Blasts — Emergency


Being newbies to this sport, we were taught the OLYMPIC SHOOTING STYLE. This made use of a bigger bow (as compared to the traditional style’s bow) which is aided by stabilisers and pin sights. First timers are highly encouraged to do this archery style because not only will it teach you the basics but you will be more focused and more accurate in your shots.

Some people still do prefer the TRADITIONAL SHOOTING STYLE though because it is instinctive shooting and you are more mobile because of the smaller bow. This is the style hunters use and it relies on muscle memory when aiming. As they say in this style, your eyes know where the arrow wants to be. See what feels natural to you and trust your guts.


What I particularly liked about archery is that it is so relaxing! I’ve tried target shooting before and shooting guns honestly make me nervous… but I had to look tough, I mean, Bang Bang! Both would need clear minds, easy breathing, and consistency in shooting but what makes a bow feel better than a gun is that when you shoot an arrow, there’s an immediate feeling of relief and calmness as opposed to the startling bang when you pull the trigger. There’s no adrenaline rush to this sport—only grace and mental focus.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.41.12 AM IMG_3878 IMG_3877

Speaking of things to like about Archery, there are a lot of upsides to the sport.

SHOOT AND BURN. Archery burns 140 calories EVERY 30 minutes and it tones the upper body as it works out your involuntary muscles.

GOT YOUR BACK. Back problems? It focuses on your form and posture hence, strengthening your back.

SHARPENS MINDS. Archery is also a mental activity. The more you train your mind to stay clear and focused, the more you can improve your concentration skills.

KIDS CAN TOO. You read that right! Archery can be a fun family activity. Kids as young as 6 years old can try it out and discipline is a big factor in archery. Kids + Discipline — isn’t that music to your ears?

Archery is addicting — there, I said it! My friends and I had so much fun shooting unlimited arrows for an hour, trying to prove to ourselves that archery runs in our blood (NOPE) but it’s a new skill learned nonetheless. We looked to our right and beside us was a pro-archer, shooting a candle’s wick 18-meters away and successfully putting out the flame…EASILY. Boy, we got a looong way to go!Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.40.57 AM


4/F A&A Building Scout Borromeo St. South Triangle, Quezon City.

Contact Number: +632 5760774 / +63 915 1206966



Annual Membership — Php 2,000

Membership Renewal — Php 1,000


Archers with Personal Equipment — Php 300 per hour

Archers Using Range Equipment — Weekdays Php 500/hr, Weekends Php 650/hr

Kids (12 y/o and below) — Weekdays Php 400, Weekends Php 550/hr

Monthly Unlimited Shoot with Equipment — Php 8,000

Members get:

10% off on item/equipment for sale

Lane Reservations

Free 1 Hour of Shooting on your BIRTHDAY


Archers with Personal Equipment — Php 400 per hour

Archers Using Range Equipment — Weekdays Php 600/hr, Weekends Php 750/hr

Kids (12 y/o and below) — Weekdays Php 500, Weekends Php 650/hr

***Fees include basic archery instruction and 1 target face of your choice.


Olympic Shooting Style (8 Sessions) — Php 7,000

Traditional Shooting Style (5 Sessions) — Php 3,500