Sunday Sailing at Taal Lake


Rest & Relaxation by the lake with good friends, new friends, and ice cold beers.

It was yet another road trip adventure with my best friend, Karla, and with us were Macy, Yana, Joanna, the Frenchies–Louis, Tristan, Alex, and Antoine, and our host, Jose.

Jose, the mastermind of this day trip getaway, gathered everyone to join him for an afternoon sail at the Taal Lake in Batangas and then to laze around the soft green grass overlooking the blue silhouette of the Taal volcano for the rest of the day.

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Being sailing newbies, we had the boys show us how to sail since this has been their Sunday habit for quite a while. More than anything, they taught us how to just enjoy the ride!



When I think of sailing, I imagine smooth sailing and calm waters. Boy, I was ready to relax while Louis and Tristan, my sail team, navigate the boat!

As soon as we started sailing, SWOOSH! The strong wind brought us to the middle of the lake in no time! It was the uncertainty of whether the wind and the waves will capsize our boat that kicked the adrenaline rush in with a pinch of fright and a dash of excitement.

As the wind was blowing our sail, I felt the panic as our boat slowly slanted to a 45 degree angle. Louis and Tristan quickly worked together to fight through the wind by pulling ropes and telling us to sit on the raised end of the boat to add weight and push the boat back down. Luckily, they were able to stabilize the boat and control the sails.

Don’t ask me what I did–I was just the damsel in distress! Ha!

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After that incident, everything finally went smooth sailing and we got our R&R!

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Back in dry land, it was time to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with music, beer, and getting-to-know-yous. Though the sun wasn’t out to paint us tan, the cool breeze and the sky in all shades of blue seemed more perfect for this set up!

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Of course, I didn’t forget about the little one–more of, she didn’t forget about the little promise I made her earlier that day that I would go fishing with her!

When Macy’s niece, Yana, saw some locals fishing in a distance using a makeshift rod (bamboo stick, nylon, and a hook), she was over the moon with excitement!


There must be something about this little girl’s charm that the locals offered to lend us two fishing rods and their can of worms as bait.

I guess she didn’t expect the waiting time though…but she was no quitter!


By sunset, we were out and about–it was time to head back to Manila.

New moments and new friends– how sweet can this Sunday get?