Every destination is a chapter filled with memories of people you encounter, flavors you taste, history you experience, and cultures you breathe in.

Every destination for me signifies change. A change of perception as I see everything first-hand, a change of taste as I indulge on unusual but delighting flavors, and a change of heart as I learn to love everything that touches my senses. I look at the scenery of each destination, I embrace the unfamiliar, and I give love to all that inspires me.

Documenting moments is a passion of mine that I wish to share with the world. I always carry with me my camera to solidify memories of people I meet and places I go to–it’s such an amazing way of re-living the journeys you have embarked on.

The world is a book and everyday we write down paragraphs of experiences—how we lived the day and where the day took us. So much in us change every time we experience something new—we understand more, we learn more, and we apply that change only to make us better everyday.

This is my story.

 These are the memories that have changed the way I live.

This is my adventure.